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Order steps

Before submit order ,please read ordersteps ,price policy and FAQ carefully

Register member

If you are not member, please sign up immediately.

*** you can fix one as you want, remember member name and password

Select product submit order

1.fill in member name and password again,then you can start to make order list

2.choose which one you need ,check size ,only need fill in quantity , add to basket,

then choose other one…..till full your order .

3. confirm your order all exactitudes, fill the complete data of consignee

4. if you have more addresses of consignees, please note in the remark,[name,address,zip,tel#]

5. if you request us to mail product directly your customers [ drop shipping], please make

their orders under yours memberID, one customer one order, not mix.

6. submit order, remember order NO.

Price confirmation

1.After you submit the order, we will notarize your price in 10 minutes [work time] or in 8 hours[rest time]

2.We will send an email to you after we have notarized your price,when you open your history order list again, you can see our answer information your order。

1.Please send your payment to our appointed name[you can see on your order], and mail the

control number ( MTCN#), order NO. and the remitter's information to us

2.we only accept westernunion And moneygram, if you don’t know how to pay, please read or

Shipment and tracking

1.we ship product to you in 12 hours after get your MTCN and then give you tracking NO. in two days

2. we will mark your tracking# on your order or tell you by email,, you can track your packages by tracking number. rule. Product will get your door in 4 to 7 days

4.we always pick safer way to send packages to you,they are EMS DHL UPS TNT FEDEX… [less than 18

pairs once order,we send by ems]

Price policy

1.If you want to ask wholesale price,pls submit a test order,attention fill in order amount, price level

decide by your total order amount ,order more on one order will get lower price. our price include shipping fee.

2. if you have idea on satisfying price,please mark on order remark,we will try best to match it.

Several strategies to save your money and bring u big profit

1. You can order with your friends together .

2. You can ask us to deliver the parcel to your customers after one-off paying .

3. Order big amount of goods once a time .

4. You can make a mixed order by different goods .

5. Ofter download our new products and set out to your customers .

6. if u can consume more than $5000 every month , we will provide with u website the same as ours , u can have

your contact means there .

Email MSN :

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